Presence is a documentary about “being present in the moment.” What modernity has made our ability to be present? What we win or lose with our permanent state of “half attention”?

If our intuition and ability to be 100% present in the day-to-day had the same signal strength symbol that our cell phones, we would realize how often we’re out of coverage area.
Text excerpt from Andre Caldeira for Exame magazine

The hyperexposure to which we are bombarded daily ends up creating a state of permanent stress, with fsicas and psychological consequences. Therefore, harm our body and our health: we eat poorly and slept little to manage the numerous roles that exercise in everyday life. We work long hours and win money that is quickly consumed in maintaining living standards every day more expensive and unsustainable without, however, terms such as return, happiness and fulfillment.

This is reflected our the personal lives and also in our workplaces. More and more companies find it difficult to have creative and satisfied employees. And the health problems caused by stress are more than acquaintances.

Perhaps there is a culture that supports a more integrated and balanced life. The ability to balance material desires and just being, now and then the EU and the US.

The movie PRESENCE aims to contribute to a greater awareness that there are other ways of living in order to realize our potential as individuals and as members of an interdependent community, where people by living in its fullness put their best in the service of life and a better world.

Stage: Fundraising

Duration: Feature Film, Documentary– 80min

Format: HD

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