The first two feature films produced by Mamo Films were comedies without major social concerns. Although the movie Hello?! humorously questioned the Brazilians’ “flexible” notion of honesty, and Overwhelming Women has inspired a number of women seeking self-esteem, the goal of these early movies was pure entertainment. Mourão was surprised when she heard the most touching comments such as “your movie is the reason I decided to talk to my teenage daughter about sex” or “with Overwhelming Women I learned to believe more in myself.”

Then Mara Mourão decided to produce a more serious film, and she chose to talk about clowns with the movie Doctors of Joy. This film changed her life. Both she and the organization featured in the film Doutores da Alegria received thousands of moving messages. People of all ages said they decided to start a social enterprise after seeing the movie. Many teachers reported that they had changed their pedagogy after watching this documentary. There were many times when we heard “this movie totally changed my life.”

The film had a successful career and beyond that, was able to fulfill its social mission; the organization Doutores da Alegria uses the film to promote its work, train new clowns, get fundraising, and is sought after by organizations and artists from around the world where the film was shown. The film was considered by UNESCO a work that promotes a Culture of Peace.

After this first experience in documentary, Mara Mourão decided to make a film about Social Entrepreneurs around the world called Who Cares?. A film that inspires and moves us closer towards an “everyone a changemaker world.” This film has inspired hundreds of thousands worldwide to begin living their lives as changemakers. We are currently working with partners worldwide to create an educational accompaniment to the film, as many teachers have expressed interest in using this film in their classrooms.

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