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Who Cares?–This is a feature length documentary about social entrepreneurs around the world.
We intend to show something that few know, the work of social entrepreneurs, brilliant people who are changing the world through their innovative ideas. Special people, who each created an social organization, capable of not only changing the society around them, but enough to cause social impact that these ideas can turn into public policies applied in various parts of the world.

The movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, narrated by Al Gore, is a brilliant movie that helped to raise awareness and activism on a global scale. Another important movie ”The 11th Hour” , produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a story about how humans face an extinction crisis if we continue on the path of business as usual.
One thing is very clear in both films: changes need to be made immediately.

Our film, Who Cares, is about the people who are already making these changes, bringing solutions to the problems we face, generating huge social impact and most of all, inspiring people to do the same.

We are grateful to be able to build off of the foundation of “ An Inconvenient Truth” and “ The 11th Hour” the fact that these films really got the environmental issue out to a much larger audience. We hope to take this effort further, to more people and with a message that encourages, gives hope and inspire people to make a shift in the way we relate to the planet and each other.

We already know the problems. We’ve either seen them on the media or with our own very eyes. And important movies were made about them.
Now it is time to speak about the SOLUTIONS.
And about the people who create them.

Imagine a feature documentary that searches the world for the brilliant oddballs with simple solutions to the hard questions that affect us all.

Welcome to Who Cares!

In the past few decades a powerful force has emerged: they are known as SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS!

Social Entrepreneurs are people who see over the horizon what the next big step is. But they don’t stop there, they take that inside and turn it into reality and then they spread it until it becomes a pattern all across society.

The entrepreneur simply cannot come to rest, can’t be a happy person until he has seen his vision become a reality.

They are change makers and they are making a new revolution.

Who Cares is about the heart and soul of these extraordinary people.

What makes a person become a social entrepreneur? Are they different from us? What moves them to see reality and decide to change it? What is their vision for the future?

The movie will bring into the light all the truest, most intimate reasons that motivated these leaders to change the world around them.

Who Cares will be a unique opportunity to learn from the most brilliant Social Entrepreneurs. People whose visionary ideas have transformed millions of lives.
Two decades ago there wasn’t even a word to describe what a social entrepreneur was. And now they are changing the world. Let’s learn from them. Let’s have the same inquietude, the same ethical fiber, the same active attitude.

Who Cares is going to inspire people to also be change makers!

Doctors of Joy– The director`s third feature, Doctors of Joy is a feature documentary about the role of art in our lives.
Using the example of the work of the artists that operates in several hospitals in Brazil, the documentary shows that the hospital is only a metaphor of society and discusses why the clowns are being sent to war camps and hospitals. The reasoning of the clown is proposing a new outlook on life.

Mara Mourão worked as screenwriter, director and producer on this film. Produced by Mamo Films and Grifa Mixer in partnership with Teleimage and Discovery Channel. The film Doctors of Joy was considered by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) a work that promotes a Culture of Peace
The film was released in theaters on September 23, 2005 and it is available on DVD with 90 minutes of extra scenes. A version for television, with 48 minutes, was broadcast by Discovery Channel.


Hello?!– This film was the first feature film from director Mara Mourão.
It`s a comedy about the Brazilian way questioning the honesty of the flexible notion of Brazil. The story takes place in one day in Sao Paulo and counts as four characters have their lives intertwined by coincidence fun and end up disrupting each other because of their antics.

Hello! was launched in November 1998. It was the film that gave more to recall the TV culture when displayed in August 2000 and withdrawn most Brazilian movie on Pay per View on Direct TV at the time. This comedy of errors almost Shakespearean-style neo-chanchada was entirely shot in São Paulo, sophisticated neighborhoods of the suburbs declining.

Overwhelming Women– This is the second feature of Mara Mourão, Overwhelming Women is a romantic comedy about single women in search of relationship.
It tells the story of Laura and her friends in a desperate search for an ideal partner and ends when Laura learns that she should just feel good about herself.

Overwhelming Women was the hit of the summer of 2002 reaching one of the biggest audiences of that year, was also a great success in Home Entertainment. Mara Mourão worked as screenwriter, director and co-producer. The movie is a Total Filmes co-production and was distribute by FOX. This comedy has become a television series of the same name and was shown successfully on FOX TV and TV RECORD in 2006.

Laura (Giovanna Antonelli) is a 34 year old woman beautiful, friendly, intelligent and successful in his career as a graphic designer. But she has a problem: one year does not have any kind of relationship with any man. A series of coincidences leads her to a marriage agency, which suggests some prospective boyfriend. Since then, aided by his grandmother Mary Alice (Marcia Real) and sensitive Marcel (Wellington Nogueira), who is designing the cover of his next book, Laura slowly regains her self-esteem and self-confidence to face new relationships.

Fun Facts:
– According to the director Mara Mourão, the script of Overwhelming Women was inspired by the emotional problems of many of her female friends.
– The movie was entirely shot in Rio de Janeiro in only 31 days.


Overwhelming Women – The Series– This was inspired by the film written and directed by Mara Mourão. This time Mara was asked to direct 22 episodes of 40 minutes each, written by Rene Belmonte.
The production was of Total Entertainment, and the series was aired on FOX and TV RECORD simultaneously.
The series has achieved the leadership of FOX and also was broadcast in Latin America under the name “Solteras y Desatadas”.

The romantic relationships of women around the age of 30 with episodes punctuate by humor and irony.
For women around 30 years old being single may seem a threat, or worse, an overwhelming fact. Besides comic. Inspired by the feature film Avassaladoras by Mara Mourão, the series focuses on four independent professionals than engage in a series of tumultuous romantic relationships.

In this Series, Laura (Vanessa Lóes) is a beautiful and successful, and the most pragmatic woman of the group and has not given up on finding her prince – and know that for this she will have to kiss many frogs. Unlike Laura, and very confidant, is Betty, played by Deborah Lamm. Betty is the typical “maneater.” Divorced and childless, men are her greatest hobby, and just objects.

Teresa, played by Virginia Cavendish, is the opposite of Betty. Her world comes down to numbers, time and risk, but she is now determined to open a space in your life for love. Completing the quartet, actress Gisele Itié is Silvia, the younger sister of Laura. She works as a DJ at a nightclub and doesn’t care a bit about men who always fall for her.

The male cast brings Márcio Garcia as the guy who works in the same office as Laura. And Danilo, played by Eduardo Galvão, the one that is the dream of Teresa, it was not the fact that he is gay.

Fun Facts:

– The actresses were presented with several days in a hotel in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, before the shooting started. “It was important for them to get better acquainted”.
– The series was filmed on location in Santa Teresa and Horto in record time, only 2.5 days per episode of 40 min. A pace similar to the Brazilian novels that have several directors in various studios, shooting simultaneously.


Mara began her career in advertising tv commercials as an assistant director of João Daniel Tikhomiroff, the second most awarded director in the world at Cannes Film Festival, awarded with 48 Lyons. After working for four years at a rate of up to 10 movies per month, Mara started directing in Jodaf.

Between 1991 and 1995, Mara Mourão directed over 200 tv commercials, including campaigns of great sucess such as Brastemp, Lacta, Continental, Fiat, Bradesco, Bon Air, Quaker, which won awards at Cannes, Professional of the Year and Gold Medal at the NY Festival.

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