Joaquim Melo do Banco Palmas e comunitária: Joaquim Melo and a person from his communityJOAQUIM

Whoever heard of a priest-turned-banker, created the first community bank in Brazil, fought against the Central Bank, won the cause and now uses its own currency in your community?
This true story, which seems to fiction, happened on the outskirts of Fortaleza and started in the 70s, Brazil’s dictatorship period, when tinkering with the government was the perfect time stir the hornet’s nest.
In the late 70s, Joaquim renounces his religious mission and becomes a banker. Based on the true life of  João Joaquim de Melo Neto, the feature film speaks wonders about the life of this man who abdicated the Church in the name of fighting poverty.
As the Joaquim himsel said, “This bank was not born in Harvard, in FGV or USP, nothing against those people. But he was born in the trenches of northeastern Brazil. ”

Joaquim’s concept has become something much bigger. It became the Brazilian Network of Community Banks, which currently includes 52 banks in Brazil. But more than that, turned people and a discredited entire community. And today, João Joaquim de Melo Neto, and only Joaquim, speaks to suits at Harvard University extrapolating the boundaries of a dreamer former priest.

Joaquim is a charming story, humorous and true translation of the imagination capacity of the Brazilian people. A fascinating and peculiar character, but, above all, a character in the flesh. A simple man who fought against Brazil’s Central Bank and managed to win, approving the use of its own currency, the Palmas. Today, when someone arrives at Palmeiras set you can see the signs of the trade that say: “We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and PALMS”.

Stage: Fundraising

Duration: Feature film fiction – 95 minutes

Format: High Definition

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