New Projects

Two Women

The feature film Two Women is a comedy-drama that seeks to challenge the dominance relationships between people and the laws governing the system of rehabilitation of criminals. Two very different women find themselves in a moment of despair. They decide to create an organization for rehabilitation of criminals from the standpoint of women. Everything seems to be going well until they begin to loose control of the situation, and this happens when they must decide to classify the prisoners as recoverable or not. A film that will raise intelligent questions about the effectiveness of laws, the criminal justice system and the death penalty. The human omnipotence is a theme that permeates the entire film.


Earth Chatter

An animated film for children 7-11 years who have two real children and animations that interact with them. As children explain about the four principles of Earth Charter, the animation will illustrate the issue.


The Garden and I

The film is a feature film freely inspired in the childhood of J. Leguia, founder of Tierra de Los Niños.
The film is a story full of mystery and fantasy, narrated by a beautiful and mysterious woman, Louise Lupa, which is being awaited by hundreds of reporters after winning the top prize in the world. She remembers her childhood when she was a neighbor and spied two boys who played in a very special and magical garden.


Generation Changemakers

This is a TV series about young social entrepreneurs who will accompany the youth program (YOUTH VENTURE) of Ashoka.


With Other Eyes

This is a documentary about our ability to be present at the time in which we live. Using as a metaphor the work of audio descriptors, professionals that take visually impaired people to museums, to nature walks or journeys through the city,  the film will discuss how much we don’t pay attention, how much the information overload of the modern world has destroyed our ability to be in the present.



The feature film Joaquim portrays the life of João Joaquim de Melo Neto, the creator of the first Community Bank of Brazil. Joaquim was a seminarian in Belém (North of Brazil) and was sent by Dom Aloisio Lorscheider to the ramp Janguruçu, a open-air dump on the outskirts of Fortaleza.

It was then that he decided that he would dedicate his life to fighting poverty. He moved to the community of Conjunto Palmeiras and there created Banco Palmas. In this fight, he faced the Central Bank in court and won, gaining the right to use its own currency, the Palms, in his community. Today, if someone approaches Conjunto Palmeiras, they can see the shops with signboards: Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Palmas ….

Anyway, Joaquim created, along with this very active community, a way to revolutionize the local economy. But beyond this remarkable accomplishment that is multiplying throughout the country, and now has 46 community banks in Brazil, this man has an impressive life story. So impressive that it seems like fiction, and that`s why I became interested in making a film about his life.

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